Welcome to Larkspur Nursery

Specialist Delphinium & Abutilon Growers

We are a small family run nursery which specialises in growing a wide range of Delphiniums and Abutilons from cuttings and seed which are supplied direct to the gardener via mail order.

Situated in the delightful Fens of Lincolnshire we benefit from long sunny days, as well as cold winters, which are ideal for growing healthy plants. With over 20 years experience of propagation, gained whilst working for the Royal Horticultural Society, we know what constitutes a good strong plant.

We also supply rarely available delphinium seed as well as a range of other seed and plants.

Seed for Sale

Delphinium Seed

We have delphinium seed, from named delphinium varieties, which produce good strong seedling plants in a wide variety of colours.

Available now

Larkspur Seed

A varied collection of Larkspur seed in all colours. These delicate flowers are ideal cutting and brightening up borders.

Available now

Ornamental Grass Seed

A wide range of grass seed to create an all year grass border or container or for interplanting in established borders.

Available now


Plants for Sale

Named English Delphinium Plants

We grow well known and established delphinium varieties from cuttings, so that you can be sure that you will get exactly the plant you want.


English Delphinium Seedling Plants

We grow a selection of plants grown from the seed of our rare collection of English Delphiniums.

Sorry no plants this year but plenty of seed!

View our seedlings on YouTube

Abutilon Plants

A wide selection of graceful and constant flowering Abutilon plants for conservatory and a sheltered spot.

Plants available now

View our abutilons on YouTube


Opening Times Mon-Fri 9-4pm

As a small mail order nursery we do not have the resources to open on a regular basis but we are happy for customers to visit the nursery by appointment. To avoid disappointment please let us know in advance if you would like to visit. Please contact us by email if possible or by telephone between 9-4pm Mon-Fri.

Sorry No Catalogues

We sorry but it is not cost effective for us to produce a catalogue. As a web-based mail order nursery the most up to date information on what we have for sale will always be found on our website.

Payments by PayPal & Cheque

We can accept online card payments on our website via PayPal or cheque payments made out to Larkspur Nursery through the post. We are sorry that we cannot accept card payments over the telephone.

Talks Available

Ashley Ramsbottom was a member of the RHS Delphinium Sub-Committee and can give talks on Delphiniums and propagation to local horticultural groups. Please contact us at info@larkspur-nursery.co.uk to check his availability.

Plant Advice

We try and give as much advice as we can on our website and when we send out customer orders. We are sorry but we do not have the time to enter into correspondence or telephone support. If you need further advice we would recommend the excellent RHS Advisory Service for RHS Members.

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